OPPO F1s: #FeedGoals

by - Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

Dear Diary,

Social media nowadays are basically part of our lives if not it becomes our life. For millenials like me we communicate with our friends and loved ones through the internet and of course social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

We keep ourselves updated with the latest news and trend neither from television nor radio but mainly from our social media accounts. That's why we try to carefully select people / groups to follow because we're going to constantly expose ourselves  with the kind of information they post. We're more likely to browse and visit their feeds. We are influenced by whomever we follow/subscribe to online. Likewise, our followers also get to see a part of who we are through our posts. We too can influence, affect and inspire others through our posts. 

For instance, on Instagram, one of the most popular photo sharing and social network platform nowadays people-from celebrity to ordinary people use it to post photos of themselves  and recent happenings.

As an Instagram user, I've compiled some useful TIPS and TRICKS to make your Instagram Feed better. Well, mine needs more work before it becomes #feedgoals but hopefully, I'll soon get there. I'll try to be consistent next time.

Anyways, here they are: 


-I'm not rich so I don't have those expensive tools :p I believe that with a good weather and a little sunlight will make your photo so much better. 


-I'm not called 'POBRENG PROBINSYANA' for nothing. I always try to look for cheaper and better alternatives. However, if you want to achieve the Instagram #FeedGoals you better need to step up your game. Try to look for a good camera maybe a smartphone with large megapixels. You don't need to buy expensive DSLRs for that. There are tons of apps also to make your photos look good as well such as Snapseed, VSCO and the likes.


-This will make your feeds more 'put-together' and organized. For instance, I used a black and white theme for my feed. You can have pastel, bright, maroon  or any type of color combination for your #FeedGoals.


-Once in a while, post photos of NATURE-the beach, a sunset/sunrise, trees, parks. It doesn't necessarily mean it needs to be the latest trip you had. Make sure you tuck in some natural/scenic photos on your gallery. They come in handy when your feed needs 'life'. It will refresh your page and somehow revives it. 

5. Flat Lays are the Bomb

-Honestly, I don't have the innate talent for flat-lays, I think you need to develop this by browsing through your favorite fashion blogger's feed or of course through apps like Pinterest. Never limit yourself and always be creative. Flat-lays, makes your feed look very posh and sophisticated. 

If you're up for some serious Instagram #FeedGoals the New OPPO F1s provides you with everything that you'll ever need to achieve that. 
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Millenials, let's all be responsible with what we post online. Let's continue to inspire and influence others with encouraging and uplifting posts. 

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